#5863 Jules Jurgensen Nautical Alarm Watch circa 1970 vintage

 Jules Jurgensen Nautical Alarm Watch 1970 vintage
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1970’s Vulcain Advertisement

Text from 1970 Vulcain Ad “a fine watch product of Jules Jurgensen Corp.”

Vintage Jules Jurgensen Nautical Alarm Watch circa 1970 with attention grabbing multicolor original dial. The orange, red and black spiral design scale on dial is used to calculate decompression stop time required when diver is ascending from various depths and the rotating 60 minute bezel is used to see time-lapse. This Jules Jurgensen timepiece is the rarer version of the nearly identical and well renowned twin, the Vulcain Nautical Alarm of the same period. At first glance it may appear that JJ stole the design from Vulcain but in fact Vulcain was owned by Jules Jurgensen, as referenced in the text from 1970 print ad above. It seems that the association was not often referenced, normally they used the familiar Vulcan branding for alarm watches with no mention of the Jules Jurgensen ownership. Not many of this watches were made with the Jules Jurgensen branding. This watch is massive for a circa 1970 watch at a commanding 42mm across excluding the crown. It operates on a manual MSR S2 movement which has 2 separate winding barrels. It also has a bi-rotational outer dive bezel. The orange, red and black dial is quite something to see with its compression scales – this example is pristine too. The white painted hands are original to the watch. The case back has no factory markings, I do not believe it is original, it fits snugly but watch should not be seen as waterproof and should not be used in or near water. Both the case and outer bezel are in very nice vintage condition. The watch runs well and keeps accurate time, and the alarm buzzes when triggered from a fully wound state. The crown manually winds the time barrel in a counter clockwise direction and the alarm barrel in a clockwise direction. This movement caliber allows the time to be set forward only, and the alarm hand to be set backward only – both of which to avoid damage to the movement. The push button above crown is used to activate set and on mode for alarm, when pushed from the winding position the crown moves out to alarm set mode and turns alarm on and Continue reading “#5863 Jules Jurgensen Nautical Alarm Watch circa 1970 vintage”

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