Notice to Customers: New payment buttons are being added, Choose the flag for your location: USA, International, or Canada

Prices on our website are shown is US$ and in Cad$. US customers please use the payment button with US flag, international customers, including Briton, Europe, Asia and Australia please use payment button with European Union flag to allow correct shipping charge to be applied. We know that our Canadian customers prefer to pay in Canadian $ and unlike other watch websites we have for many years made that payment option available (Pay Now button with Canadian flag). We periodically adjust our exchange rate, as of April 1, 2015 the new preferred rate that we will be using for Canadian buyers is 1.18%.
Please contact us if the payment button for your location is not present on the listing page of item you wish to purchase.

Shipping surcharges will apply to some international shipments

For customers in Europe, UK, other international locations our normal low fixed shipping amount is subsidized by us. Some destinations however are more expensive to ship to or require a different service such as FedEx.
As a general rule if our actual shipping cost is more than $20 greater than our fixed shipping charge, we will bill the customer for the difference, if less we will absorb the cost. If you make a purchase using the payment buttons, additional shipping will be billed before package is shipped.
Please contact us if you have any questions or require a shipping quote.

Canadian dollar pricing for orders shipped within Canada! Use the “Buy now” button with the Canadian flag above it

For orders that are shipped in Canada you can pay in Canadian dollars at par, and benefit from lower Canadian shipping rates, by choosing the “Buy now” button with the Canadian flag above it (lower payment button). Shipping and applicable taxes (GST/HST) will be added at checkout.
If a Canadian pay now button has not yet been added to the item you wish to purchase, email us and we will send a Canadian $ payment request.

Our OMEGA sale starts now! Follow us on Facebook and take 20% off any Omega watch until March 31/18

For our Facebook followers only get 20% off listed price on all listed OMEGA watches until the end of March 2018!
To benefit from this promotion, like us on Facebook then choose the Omega you wish to buy, send us an email with item number and promotion code FB20March18. Mention you province or country (for billing purposes) We will send you an invoice reflecting the 20% discount. First come, first served, item will be considered available until payment is made. Shipping and taxes (Canada) will be applied to invoice, buyers from outside Canada will be responsible for any import charges.
Act now!!

Sherlock Holmes movie sparks interest in pocket watches!

The latest addition of the NAWCC horological news bulletin has an article about increased interest in pocket watches since the release of the Hollywood movie Sherlock Holmes where Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock) and Jude Law (Watson) are seen sporting them. NAWCC reports that “Jewelers, watch vendors, and fashion pundits, have noted an increase in inquiries about fob chains and pocket watches during the past few months. The release of Sherlock Holmes last December offers a clue.” Here at Antique Trebor’s Vintage Watches we also have noticed the recent increased interest and purchase of pocket-watches!

New category – “Sold Watches”

Here at Trebor’s Vintage Watches we are constantly trying to improve our site and make it as user friendly as possible. We welcome suggestions from our customers on how to improve the site. While not every suggestion can be implemented, all will be considered. Thanks to a recent customer’s suggestion I have now created a new category for “sold watches” and moved the bulk of these items (more than 200) out of the main listing thus removing a lot of clutter. As items are sold they will remain in the main listing for a short time before being rotated out and some items of particular interest may remain there on a long term basis. I had not realized until it was pointed out how cumbersome and frustrating it could be sorting thru available and sold items. After all none of us likes to waste time looking for the perfect timepiece! Many people however do come to our site looking for information and find the sold items useful, which is part of the reason I do not want to delete them, hopefully the new set up will benefit all of our visitors.
Robert Laughlin
Site Owner

Canadian Dollar payments are accepted @ mid market

If you are ordering from within Canada it is possible to pay in Canadian $ at a competitive exchange rate. Just email me and I will send a Canadian $ payment button to you, using the daily mid market rate (half way between buy and sell rates) from the TD Bank’s site. You also will benefit from a lower shipping rate for destinations within Canada than our posted international shipping. If you do pay in US$ thru our regular system just request a Canadian shipping credit and a refund will be sent to you. Please note that all Canadian sales are subject to 5% GST.

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