New category – “Sold Watches”

Here at Trebor’s Vintage Watches we are constantly trying to improve our site and make it as user friendly as possible. We welcome suggestions from our customers on how to improve the site. While not every suggestion can be implemented, all will be considered. Thanks to a recent customer’s suggestion I have now created a new category for “sold watches” and moved the bulk of these items (more than 200) out of the main listing thus removing a lot of clutter. As items are sold they will remain in the main listing for a short time before being rotated out and some items of particular interest may remain there on a long term basis. I had not realized until it was pointed out how cumbersome and frustrating it could be sorting thru available and sold items. After all none of us likes to waste time looking for the perfect timepiece! Many people however do come to our site looking for information and find the sold items useful, which is part of the reason I do not want to delete them, hopefully the new set up will benefit all of our visitors.
Robert Laughlin
Site Owner

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