#5199 Wakmann triple register Chronograph – 50’s vintage

Wakmann triple register Chronograph - 50's vintage
Status: Not Available – SOLD

1959 Breitling-Wakmann catolouge

Great looking vintage Wakmann 3 register Chronograph with Venus cal 175 movement. Wakmann Watch Company was founded in New York in 1946, under a partnership with Breitling they imported partially finished watches to the US for final assembly, thus avoiding high duties on finished timepieces. Breitling eventually purchased Wakmann outright (1970’s) and continued their US operations under the Breitling name. According to the book “Breitling: History of a Great Brand of Watches”, Wakmann was the US distributor of Breitling watches from the 1940s to the 1970s. Some watches were co-signed Breitling/Wakmann as well as just Wakmann but made by Breitling. This watch is signed Wakmann on dial and movement and Britix inside case (another Breitling associated and/or owned company). Watch is in excellent working condition and has been serviced by our watchmaker. Measures 35 mm across (not including crown) x 43 mm lug to lug and is fit with a black leather bracelet.