#4474 Waltham Vanguard Railroad UP/Down wind indicator

Waltham Vanguard Railroad UP/Down wind indicator
Status: ATTENTION: STOLEN This watch, serial # 20030429 was stolen in Ottawa, On, Canada or the evening of May, 21 2010. If you have information about this watch or any of the stolen items listed here please contact Ottawa Police Services (report # 10-143248) tel (613) 236-1222 ex 7300
or site owner at 514 946-3310
*Reward will be paid for information that results in recovery of stolen property* Retail Value $1295

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High quality Waltham Vanguard five positions 23 jewels railroad pocket watch with rare wind indicator and in a white gold filled Hamilton Railroad case. The serial number 20030429 dates this watch to 1915, the movement is very nicely finished 16 size model 1908 with gold set jewels, it was one of a run of 999 made (20029501 - 20030500). Photos are not actual size of watch, it measures 51 mm across x 62 mm (base to top of bow).